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If you have photos of Seafordians of the past, then please consider scanning the photos, and sending them to seaford.times@gmail.com along with a little information about your photograph, and it will be included in the ‘Seafordians’ file, and may be placed on this website, and/or our Facebook Group.

On this page you will find photos that have been sent in to us, a little bit of history, articles found from old newspapers, and all sorts of Seaford related info.


SEAFORD TIMES is writing a book on the sporting history of the Seaford Secondary School, between 1938, when the school opened up to the year 1962, and would like to ask if anyone can help. The book is in its final stages, but I do not want to miss anything out.   So if you were at the school during those years, and were involved in any sporting achievements, either individually, or in a team event, please write to me. If you have any photo, or written information on the event, even better.   It might be better to write to me first to tell me the event you were involved in, just in case I have already written about it, which could save you a lot of time searching your loft, only to find I have the information.  A great source of written information is in the school ‘Bulletin’ magazines. These were started by Mr. Heritage and Miss Roberts the school secretary, in the early 1950’s. They were then called, ‘Parents Association’ magazine. Should you have any, I would love to see them. Please contact me at seaford.times@gmail.com

During my research I have found information from old newspapers. Here, on the left, is Maureen Harriott 100 yards champion from 1950. Sent to Seaford Times by Sue Lugg, Maureen’s daughter.

Seaford Times - Seaford School Reunion 2016

Seaford Secondary Athletics team from 1957. Please help name the unknowns.
Back 10:- Alan Banks; Brian Bedwell; Marcus Curd; UK; Susan Black; Shirley Pownall; Fred Powell; Dave Balkham; Eddie Stoner; UK.
Front 9 girls:- UK; Teresa Ryan; Veronica Satchell; Janet Chapman; Pat Weekes; Joy Tolhurst; Christine Bone; UK; UK.. Please email seaford.times@gmail.com Other girls from the same athletics meeting for the unknowns are possibly :- C. Beacham; Frances Caha, J. Jupp.


Seaford Times - Seaford School Reunion 2016

On Saturday 30th July 2016, there was ‘An Audience With John ‘Taffy’ Evans’ at the Plough. Thanks to Gavin, John’s son, for this photo. Sitting Left to Right:- Susan Adams; UK; Peter Lewis; Brian Adams; John Evans; Charlie Thompson; Brian Powney; Paul Beard. Standing:- Bob Male; Barry Thompson; Brian Woodgate; Dennis Piper.

(Ref.2475) Above you can see a Seaford Secondary School play thought to be from the early 1950’s, titled ‘The Affair At The Firs’. We have all the names of the actors, and the parts they are playing, but which is which?  Is there anyone out there who was in this play, or even remembers this play, who can put names to faces? 

Tom Collins – John Tourell;   Sir Walter Russ M.P. – Derek Burton;   Lady Russ – Jean Nelson;   Muriel Russ – Hazel Harding; (Standing on left)     Hilda Russ – Brenda Bristow; (Sitting on the left)  Captain Travers – Cecil Yeo;  Margot McFarlane – Mary Losasso;  John Smithers – Albert Strong; (Standing 7th left)  Police Constable – Terry Morgan; (Standing 4th left)  Mary Taylor – Hazel Matthews.

David Turnidge sent Seaford Times this great photo of the Seaford Secondary School from around 1949, or thereabouts. Can anyone put names to faces please?
Here are the names we believe are correct. Top row:- 1; 2; Ray Elliott; Christopher Blanchet; Colin Powney; 6; John Russell; Kevin Ring (Teacher); Payne; 10; Alan Russell; Danny Brown; 13; 14; William Moore; ‘Boysie’ Owen.
2nd Row – 17; 18; Charles Breeze; John Heritage; Miss Cheeseman; Mr. Pitt; A. B. Searle (Head); Mrs. Shearman; Mrs. Dalton; 26; Mrs. J. Randall; Mr. Lowther; Mike Smith; 30; 31.
Front Row:- David Yeo; 33; Michael Turnidge; 35; 36; Ken Powney; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; Brian Mann; 44; 45; 46; 47.