Seaford Times is a website, and Facebook group. Its aim is to collect as many old photos, and information, on the people who lived and/or worked in Seaford, East Sussex.
We have thousands of Seafordians on file already, going back to the 1800’s. We also have many photos of Seafordians that are un-named, and we place these on our Facebook page, and website, in the hope that our members can put names to them.
If you, your parents, grandparents, or other relations are somehow associated with Seaford, and you have photos of them, please consider sending copies of your photos to Seaford Times, with a little information to go on the Seafordians file. Our email is seaford.times@gmail.com
Our Seafordians file will be able to help the many people on ancestry sites who are looking for photos of their ancestors who at some time lived, or worked in our home town.